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It is fully media equipped with LCD Projector and HD Sound System. It has a capacity of 300 viewer seats and 20 stage seats. The hall is fully air conditioned. It is normally used to give the presentations, seminars, Digital classroom, meetings, and College Functions


Institute has a dedicated 50 MBPS Broad band connectivity which allows Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the campus. This facility allows students to access Internet connectivity anywhere within the campus. All the IT resources and content should be available to the faculty and students.



Institute has excellent Lecture Capture System for recording lectures of faculty members, which is useful for students for better learning through Recorded class room Video lectures. Our Faculty Members are using some open source software’s to their record video lectures.

Equipment  List


Name of the Equipment


Smart Board


LCD Projector


Computer System


HD Camera for Recording



Institute has provided computer centers for general purposes and learning during extra hours. This includes Internet Facilities available through leased line and Wi-Fi for providing continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity to students and faculty members.


Institute provides with 24×7 internet, so that the students can use it all the time. In the modern studies, internet has become an integral part, because a vast spectrum of academic information and works are available in the World Wide Web, and the students can access them only by using the internet. In addition to the 24 hour availability, our internet connection features high speed browsing, downloading and uploading activities, so that our students can access or transfer the large files with ease. Due to this facility, our graduates can concentrate on the academics without any constrictions, and this can lead to exceptional performance in the academic examinations.


Institute has 100% ICT enabled Classrooms, which helps facilitate the students updated and enhancing teachers capacity and ability fostering a live contact between the teacher and the student through e-mail, chalk session, e-learning, web-based learning including internet.

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